dungeon Battle Map 1 (2015): Navigate using arrow keys, mouse drag, or touch. This map is called "Halmond's Laboratory" and is used here with the author's permission. This was created using the battle-map-explorer library.
dungeon Battle Map 2 (2015): This map was created by Daniel Somerville and used here with his permission. You can find this map and more at his DeviantArt gallery. This was created using the battle-map-explorer library.
bitlog Bitlog (2022): an esoteric visual programming language.
blob Blob (2013)
box2d Box2D (2013)
cellular Cellular Automaton (2023)
clock Clock (2014): The xkcd now clock
doodle code Doodle Code (2021): A type of barcode.
dragon Dragon (2013): Shading using a normal map.
fractal Fractal (2013): Fathauer fractal tessellation.
geb GEB (2013)
median Geometric Median (2014): Tool to calculate the geometric median of a set of points.
meta1 Metaballs 1 (2012)
meta2 Metaballs 2 (2012)
orbit Orbit (2013)
reaction Reaction (2013): Simulation of the Belousov-Zhabotinsky reaction.
smoke Smoke (2013): Fluid simulation based on the Navier-Stokes equations.
snake Snake (2013)
earth Squishy Earth (2013)
sync Synchronizing Oscillators (2013): hexagonal oscillators which slowly synchronize with their local neighbors.
Turing Paint Turing Paint (2020): an esoteric visual programming language.
map Vector Earth (2014)
visibility Visibility Polygon (2013)
voronoi Voronoi (2013): Voronoi diagram with Bezier spline smoothing.


1D 1D (2013): Navigate through a 2D world using a 1D visualization.
bifurcation Bifurcation (2023): Two player strategy game. See this blog post for how to play.
blob Blob Balance (2013): Balance a blob as long as possible.
foosball Foosball (2013)
goomba Goomba (2013)
laservex Laservex (2012): Geometry-based puzzle game.
snake Long Snake (2013)
metamoku Metaball Go (2015): The board game Go rendered using metaballs.
metamoku Metamoku (2012): Turn-based multiplayer strategy game.
Stacking Things Stacking Things (2023): Physics-based puzzle game.